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   We assure integrated service for machine tools and manufacturer center of any type. Service object is represented by:

  •    Machine tool (mechanical part);
Machine tool
ANY TIPE !Machine tool
  •    Relays;
  •    Power operated (variating device, invertors) together with alternating current or direct current motors;
  • Power operated
    Power operated
  •    Process computer together with respectively peripherics

    We specify some numeric commands type from witch we execute service:

  •    Milling cutter in 2 and 3 axes;
  •    Processing center;
  • Manufacturer center
    Manufacturer center
  •    Parallel, frontal, carousel lathes;
  •    Configuring and upgrading personal and process computers;
  •    Bohrwerks;
  •    Quote display with optical or inductive transducers;
  •    Electroerosion equipment;
  •    Precise checking quota machine with palpation or optical;
  •    Equipments for continuous welding, in line or in points;

    Spectrum analyzers of any complexity. We mention some kinds:

  •    X rays;
  •    voltaic arc;
  •    with flame;

    Any kind of programmable automated and industrial robots. Electrical, electronically and power parts from induction or thermal treatments ovens.

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